Author: C. Thompson

Claim Your Bonus and Benefits in Slots of Vegas Casino

There is nothing better for a gambler than a casino that doesn’t try to trick him up. Unlike the majority of the novice gamblers that are really fond of the bonuses mostly offered by the casino those have spent years playing the casino games know which kind of bonuses are really valuable, which kind of VIP program is real and rewarding enough to participate in and which of them are not even real.

Thus, if you are such a player we can tell you that in Slots of Vegas there are pair of bonuses with 5x wager that you should really consider as an option. The majority of the online casinos won’t offer you much when it comes to promotions while with the Slots of Vegas you can really find a Klondike of rewards and presents.

By the way, you also need to check out the outstanding design of the website and appreciate the fact that even the desktop version of the is mobile-optimized. This is the reason any of the gamblers should check this website and try to play in it using the mobile device as well.

However, still the main reason this review was written is to tell you about the outstanding prizes that are presented on the website, so read below to find out more.


Promotions is something that really has to be payed attention t when you talk about the Slots of Vegas Casino. Unlike some of the casinos this online gambling facility has paid vast attention to the way it treats its players and provides all of us no matter how long we have played and how much we have cashed in to feel the true spirit of gambling and generosity of fortune here on the website.

Here you can find outstanding and rewarding welcome packs which you can choose from and benefit from. First of all, note the fact that the bonuses you can claim can make as much as $2500 or $1900 – and that is for the single deposit. If you have made it a long way through the various online casinos you should know that there are not many of them offering such a generous gift to someone who have just signed up and if you think that there are some tricky terms for those who claim these bonuses you are truly mistaken. No the Slots of Vegas Casino plays fair and if it is told you are going to get a wonderful gift for the first login you will totally get it, so just check our next section to know about welcome pack.

You also need to be sure that once you have claimed the welcome bonus it is not ver for you, as you can claim much more bonuses on the constant basis when you play here and there is no way you will leave dissatisfied as these guys really know what to do for the player’s excitement, so you will also meet a couple of generous promo codes here after you claim the bonus pack for beginners.

In case you are a real jackpot hunter there are some offers for you too. The bonuses you can find here are something more than free spins or no deposit bonuses offered by the majority casinos. Here you can truly find out what does that mean to play free games and win real money on the constant basis.

You also should be aware about the VIP program which we are going to describe in details in the separate section as there are many things to clarify no matter whether you are a dedicated gambler or have just entered the full of wonders world of casino games.

So if you are ready to the guide to the world of rewards and prizes get ready and we will start.

Welcome Bonuses

When coming to welcome bonuses it is hard to find another such a generous place like the the unpredictable Slots of Vegas Casino. You really can get a fortune of bonus funds on this website which is completely unusual for the year 2021 no matter whether it is about casinos in Canada or any other country.

We have made a separate section for the welcome bonuses just because they are really worth considering when you make a choice among the great amount of casinos with various offers like free spins, free games or even no deposit bonuses.

Just make sure you choose wisely when claiming the bonus as although you will get many chances to benefit from your membership in the online casino, you won’t really meet much of so generous offers even when you reach the highest VIP program statuses.

250% Welcome Bonus

The first bonus code you are going to see in the promotions section of the online Casino Slots of Vegas is about granting you with a giant bonus package of 250% additional funds which you can use to play slots and Keno games.

As you can see here it is a promo code for new players that enjoy slot machines mainly, so we may need to clarify some terms and conditions for this offer in details. At first in the Bonus Rules you can see several points:

  • The games the bonus is eligible for which we have already disclosed
  • The wager requirement which you need to overcome in order to be able to claim withdrawal
  • The minimum deposit sum which makes as much as $30

So if you have looked through this points you may be interested what does the 5x playthrough means. Well, that is all about the amount of bets you need to make with the bonus funds in order to be able to withdraw funds. For example, if you have a bonus $2000 you need to make bets on $10000 as a whole in order to be able to withdraw funds.

It is a very low requirement as you can see, as some of the of the casino apply the 20, 30 or even 90 wager for the bonus funds.

You should note that all you need to do is to deposit $1000 in order to get $2500 bonus funds, so make sure you use this outstanding chance as it can be the only one in the Slots of Vegas Casino. That doesn’t mean there won’t be other even more generous bonus codes available, especially for the loyal players that take part in the VIP program, however, this kind of promo code is really unique to allow yourself to miss the chance of using it fully.

It is not about giving you couple of bucks as a no deposit bonus which won’t be sufficient to use any kind of the long-term gambling strategy in the casino games – this is a truly generous offer which can be used by you to win a huge prize.

190% Welcome Bonus

Here you can get 190% from the amount of you have deposited on your deposit. It is $1900 if you make a deposit of $1000. You may ask – why do you have to claim this bonus if you already have know about the previous bonus code which gives you 250% additional funds on your account? Well, the answer is simple and it will be given below.

As you can see on the picture in the section Bonus Rules there are really outstanding terms for this bonus – the most generous ones we have seen for the bonuses of this kind. Pay attention to the fact that the bonus sum is eligible for all allowed games which includes BlackJack, Video Poker and all other Table Games and you also should note that there is no limits for funds withdrawal along with the wager enforced for the promo code.

One thing has to be said here. Usually, when it comes to such bonuses the wager never is lower than 40, 50 or even 90. Especially, when the promo code is eligible for many games, not the Keno or slot machines only. This is the reason this bonus code is really worth to consider – the wager is extremely low.

No, really, it is like playing free games and still having a chance of winning real money – you won’t see such an opportunity in the majority of other casinos and this specified offer is the strong argument of signing up to the Slots of Vegas Casino right now.

There are also reasons of course, but this one may be the main one, especially if you have already played much in other online casinos presented in Canada in 2021.

Thus, if you really want to know what is next, and this kind of bonus code is not enough for you to, just forth below and if you are going to be dissatisfied with the promo codes provided below, it should be said that you may be the most demanding gambler in the world.

Monthly Promotions

There are many kinds of bonus codes offered by the various online casinos throughout the world. There can be bonuses on the timely basis, there can be offers that are available only once, there can be occasional promos and many other kinds of them, however, the main thing is not periodicity, the main thing is the amount of benefits and perks you acquire when redeeming the coupon.

Whether these are going to be free money or coins that bring you some kind of additional value, it has to be something really precious, and it looks like the casino has managed to find the ideal receipt of happiness for the gamblers which can be acquired once a month.

Just look at the picture above and say you are not attracted by this outstanding and generous offer which you can see only once. Here you can get as much as 350% deposit bonus and 50 free spins if you manage to make a cash in that exceeds $100. This is a really outstanding opportunity to exploit numerous winning strategies when you play slots or table games, so do not hesitate to use this bonus code for you good.

In case you do not have sufficient funds to claim the maximum bonus there are still good propositions for you starting from $30. This kind of bonus which you can use once per month will be your lifesaver, especially if you feel that this month you were unlucky t win in casino games.

There are also many other offers and benefits you can claim for just for being a gambler in the Slots of Vegas Casino. Here we can find a pair of bonus offers if you want to win jackpots.

Jackpot Hunter

This kind of bonuses are really valuable for those who want to get maximum amount of bonus funds with a minimum deposit and provide one’s with a chance to win a jackpot which in an online casino Slots of Vegas can make more than a $1000 000.

This promo code is eligible for the slot machines where you can win real bonuses. As you can see there is no maximum cash out condition which removes the limits from the sum you can win with the use of this outstanding promo code and you also can get almost 4 times more funds to make bets in this online casino so make sure you do not miss the chance with a

If you want to get only exclusive offers and benefit at most you may want to use another promo code which gives you even more benefits you cannot claim in other online casinos.

Here you get 350% which is much more and much profitable. Just make sure you enter the code correctly to be sure that you will get a right sum in the cashier zone as there can be a probability to get nothing if you make a mistake. However, you do not really need to be worry as there are always more attempts you can make in the online casino.

VIP Program

Along with the New Player bonuses, outstanding amount of free spins and many other valuable features available in the casino you can see that there are much more reasons to play here and choose this online gambling facility as an option among the thousands of other alternatives.

For now we are talking about the paying VIP program which cannot dissatisfy you, especially if you have experienced many other online casinos that are not really paying off.

The casino VIP program consists of the great amount of perks and bonuses that can be claimed by the player and starts from the moment of the first login, so you only need to sign up in order to start the race with other players for the highest title in the member club hierarchy. There are as much as five levels in the casino.

It starts from High roller and ends with the Platinum Level and in this review we are going to disclose all of the outstanding bonuses and offers that players get for climbing up the ladder of the VIP statuses in the Slots of Vegas Casino.

There is only one way to claim all of the benefits and perks provided by the casino VIP program – you need to reach the highest level – Platinum at the casino.

At first, you are going to get $1000 welcome bonus when you enter the last level. We are talking about the real no deposit bonus that makes as much as $1000 – have you ever seen something generous like that? You do not need to cash in even a cent, just reach the level which is pointed here and you will get as much as $1000 free money. You won’t find such an attractive offer in Canada or anywhere in the world, not in 2021.

You also can get a Monthly Insurance which means that all your funds that you have lost during the month are submitted to the specialized cashback program launched by the online casino which means that you can get as much as 50% of your losses back once a month.

Just consider that. Imagine that you have lost $1000 this month and you will get as much as $500 back on your account and you can gamble on them easily. And there is still a high payout rate, and there are still many more other bonuses and perks – who can stand against such a generous offer by the online casino?

You also will be able to use services of personalized support which will be available only for you personally and there is no chance you won’t get satisfied with the outstanding the VIP Host will treat you and improve your gambling experience once and for all, so it is a really valuable feature which is not presented in the majority of other online casino, so just appreciate it.

You also will get bonus funds on your account after every deposit you make. Unlike the majority of online casinos that provide its players with bonuses only from time to time in the Slots of Vegas Casino you are going to get presents and gifts each time you have made a deposit just as a gratitude for being such a loyal gambler, so when you see such an attitude there is no question which casino to choose to gamble for a long time.

All the casinos that provide a proper VIP program offer cashbacks – however, here you are going to get cashbacks on a weekly basis. Each week, each Sunday you will get a part of the funds you have lost this week back on your account and this means that you really cannot lose when you deal with the online casino like Slots of Vegas.

Serious players want to make greater bets, and the casino administration understands that better than anyone, so along with all those outstanding perks and benefits you will also be able to make higher stakes and win really huge sums to feel the spirit of real Las Vegas from your home, so welcome to the online gambling facility which provide a top league gaming experience.

We are already coming to the end of the list and what has to be highlighted by each player is that along with all those things you have already read about in our review you also will get personalized offers and promo codes which means that your gambling experience and preferences will be counted when the casino administration will decide which kind of bonus to offer you.

Such a kind of approach can be a very good reason to choose the Slots of Vegas Casino and let’s finish the list of perks with the presents that you will get on special occasions – the best way to maintain the loyalty of the gamblers on high level no matter what.

This is what you are going to get on the last level, however, what about the other ones? There are also other levels here and it will take many time from you to reach the last level, so you really need to know whether it is worth of climbing that hill or the end prize doesn’t cost that as the way is too long.

This is the list of benefits you are going to experience on the first level – you will 100 no deposit bonus dollars on your account and along with that you will be rewarded for the each deposit you make.

Note that you get cashbacks and the insurance since the first level when you have just became a member of the casino VIP club, so do not forget about that when you will be making first deposits – maybe this fact will motivate you to claim all of the welcome pack bonuses and opportunities they give.

It also has to be mentioned what you get on the middle of the way.

You will get 300 no deposit dollars completely for free. However, if you think that 300 no deposit dollars for free is the only thing, then you are completely mistaken as along with that you are going to get the same list of the bonuses as for the last level. The only thing that differs is the amount of bonuses, for example, here there is only insured 30% monthly instead of 50% for Platinum level. So there are reasons to climb the VIP status ladder even if you do not plan to be the most dedicated gambler in the Slots of Vegas Casino.

Download or Instant Play on the PC or Mobile Phone

This is the choice you are going to do when dealing with the Slots of Vegas online casino. unlike the majority of other casinos in 2021 here you can choose among the instant play and downloading a client to play on your PC or laptop.

All you need to do is to press the corresponding button on the website and you will get installed the online casino promptly to get an easy access to the gambling experience from your desktop forever.

In case you want to know whether it is possible to use your mobile phone to gamble in the casino games there are good news for you – the casino website is mobile optimized so you won’t have any issues with using the browser on your mobile phone to reach the website and play free games or benefit from the online gambling facility in any other way.

However, there is no mobile app neither for Android or iOS, so the application enthusiasts may be disappointed. However, always remember that on the website you can find a well-optimized mobile website which has a responsive design and intuitive navigation among its sections.


There have to be said many thing about the core feature of the online casino Slots of Vegas, however, there are always the main ones – and here they are the promotions to be fair. They are so generous and engaging that you won’t even notice the moment when you will use all of them and afterwards you will be offered the new ones.

Of course, there are also some words that have to be said about the way the casino treats its most loyal players – it is an outstanding attitude which is being seeked by the gamblers in Canada in 2021 for a long time – as here you can find a great amount of benefits and perks which are rewarding and worth being earned.

In order you want to improve your gambling experience and in case you are against the fake casinos with the fake games and fakes bonuses, you should know that the Slots of Vegas casino is the place you should really visit.