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Get Your Bitcoin Bonus Now At Slots.Lv Casino

There are many online casinos available for gamblers from Canada and all around the world in 2021. However, you won’t find many of them with a sch rewarding attitude to the new players and dedicated gamblers as there is enforced in the casino. You really should know how they treat players, especially the new ones, so that is the main subject of the review we have prepared for you.


What you can really value the Casino for are the promotions presented in this outstanding gambling facility. There are really many of the bonus codes available for the players in Canada and all around the world in 2021.

Here you can find very unusual examples of promo codes which barely can be found in other online casinos in the world. For example, there are promotions for those who use cryptocurrency here – that is really unique feature for all those who have been engaged in the cryptorevolution as most of the casino ignore such an innovations. However, the is on the edge of the technologies thus you can not only play on Bitcoin but also get additional offers and benefits from choosing this crypto.

There are also really rewarding weekly bonuses here which can increase your gambling experience dramatically and unlike many other casinos you are really going to wait for these bonus days to claim the promo codes as you get outstanding advantages.

You also should pay some attention to the rewards system in the online casino which is going to be disclosed in details in the sections below – here is where the has made a great homework satisfying the most secret and desired players’ expectations.

At last, you should know that this online casino is one of the few that also rewards players for engaging other users into gambling on the website as you can get really valuable offers in case you manage to recommend this casino to your friends.

Well, as we have made the general overview of the bonuses and the promo codes available in the online casino it has to be said that we also provide the detailed description of each of them in this article, so forth below in order to find out more.

There has to be mentioned though, that here you won’t find no deposit bonus codes as the online casino has made more to provide other kinds of promotions to reward loyal and new players.

Welcome Packs

When you enter the online casino you are usually offered to benefit from the welcome bonus the casino administration has decided to provide you with. However, those are usually not so generous, you can hardly find an online gambling website which offers more than $1000 additional cash in several deposits, so sometimes it can be rather disappointing when you promised to have outstanding gambling experience and as a result get only a couple of hundreds of bucks which also need to be wagered 90 times or more.

In the it is all really fair as here you will get exactly what you were promised and unlike the majority of other casinos here you are provided with two kinds of welcome bonuses:

  • $5000 for those who use fiat currency
  • $7500 for those who use Bitcoins

Yes, that’s right here you can get up to $7500 just for being a Bitcoin user. We are going to describe the bonus codes above in details in the sections below so go on to find out how you can claim the most generous promo codes for new players we have ever seen.

$5000 on Your Bonus Account

When you have seen an online casino which offers you to get as much as $5000 on your bonus account just for signing up? You have never seen that, otherwise you would stay in that online casino which has offered such a generous offer. This is more to be like a special offer for the VIP player, however, no. This is a bonus code that can be claimed by any gambler that has just signed up to the website and only has made a first login.

As you can see on the picture above you can claim up to $5000, however, that is not for the first deposit only. In order to claim all of the sum you need to make 9 deposits for the maximum sums.

The main thing you need to do is to make a first deposit that makes at $500 or $1000 and triple the sum you have deposited on your account which will make $1500 or $3000 correspondingly.

Afterwards you only need to make sure you make the maximum deposits deposits on the rest of the eight attempts to get all the $5000 on your account. That is the longest chain of the welcome deposit bonuses we have ever seen as usually if the welcome pack is not limited by one deposit there are at maximum 4 or 5 deposits. While here you can benefit as much as 9 times from the moment you have signed up to the online casino.

It has to be said also that here you can get many option in order to get the bonus – it is not obligatory to make such big deposits, you can cash in less, however, the bonus funds you can redeem with the bonus code are going to be fewer as well.

One of the most important things about the promo codes when it comes to bonus funds is the wager requirement which is eligible for the reward. In casino it makes 35x, however, you need to know that the wager requirement is enforced both for the deposit you have made and reward you have gained. For example, if you have made a first deposit of $400 and got $800 on your account (as the bonus coefficient is 200%), then you should make bets on $1200 multiplied by 35 which $42 000.

That number can be easily reached if you play table games, so do not think there will be any difficulties with withdrawing the funds you win, so make sure you have got prepared to exploiting long-term strategies for gambling which demand from you making small bets on each of the game you play.

You should know, that when you compare this kind of welcome bonus with those that are provided in casinos with no deposits bonus codes there is one thing to consider – there is no casino that provide a no deposit bonus code that costs several thousands of dollars.

If you prefer to use cryptocurrency instead of the fiat currency you also can spend your crypto money in the online casino and win and this is what is going to be disclosed in the next section.

$7500 Bitcoin Bonus for New Players

This kind of bonus can be a unique opportunity for all those cryptoenthusiasts to get engaged in the online gambling process. The casino has provided a great offer for all those who hold Bitcoins and want to use them for their good – you can get a very generous welcome bonus with your first 9 deposits.

As you can see the $7500 bonus is on the table which you can easily claim if you are a real crypto and gambling enthusiasts. The first thing you should know that in order to claim the whole sum you need to make a first deposit which should make as much as $500 in Bitcoins. Then you will get a 300% match up bonus which means that you get exactly $1500 bonus funds on your account. Then all you need to do is make $500 deposits the next eights times and you will get 150% for each bonus on your bonus account which in total is going to make as much as $7500.

Is that worthy? Well, yes, as the more attempts you have, the more are your chances in winning the casino games so do not hesitate to make your best and make maximum deposits in Bitcoins. If you want to claim this outstanding bonus, but you do not really deal with the cryptocurrency just enter the promotion page of this bonus and you will get a full info on how to make your first Bitcoin deposit, recommendations on how to register your Bitcoin wallet and many more.

Once you have accomplished that, you can login to your account and cash in Bitcoins to get your benefits and win more than you ever wanted. You also should know that here there is enacted the same wager as for the fiat currency first deposits – 35x. And still you need to wager both your deposit and the bonus amount you have got on your account.

This kind of promo code can be rather surprising and is surely one of the most generous ones in the industry and considering the fact it is one of the few bonus codes developed for the crypto enthusiasts it can be that the casino is the best place to gamble for them at least for those who live in Canada in 2021.

As we already have mentioned you won’t find any no deposit bonus codes here for the new players, however, if you have read through the previous two sections maybe you will understand you do not really need them as there is enough here done to attract new players that have never played in casinos or just want to find another gambling facility with the better terms.

Along with the welcome packs there are also valuable and rewarding promotions for those who show constant gambling activity in the and below we are going to describe this issue in details.

The Double Up Weekly Offer

The specified above offer is eligible for all of the players of the online casino that have made at least one deposit in the previous 90 days. That means that you can claim this bonus each week once you have shown a gambling activity during the last three months.

So you can get up to $100 on your bonus account which is a 100% bonus on your deposit. Just such a deposit to double your cash in. That is rather regular right? You won’t be really thrilled with such a kind of bonus code considering the fact you have got an up to $5000 reward on your deposits as a welcome pack.

However, if you have some Bitcoins you can get up to $500 – which can be claimed if you cash in as much as $250. How is that?

Note that this bonus code has nothing in common with the previously mentioned welcome bonus as it is a separate offer which you can use for your good and all you need to do my friend is to redeem the coupon each week.

Considering the wager requirements – it is rather tricky and you can find out how much you need to bet in order to be able to withdraw your winning when you look through the wager chart provided by the online casino.

These are the details that you can find out on the website of the casino, and if you want to move to even more interesting offers presented in the promotions section, then you totally need to read our next sections.

Totally Tuesday

Playing free games, acquiring free spins – is that something you really want? Well, that is not what the Totally Tuesday is all about. Here you can something more valuable than free spins – you can double your reward points for playing the slot machine free games in the casino.

Reward points are the virtual currency enforced for the loyalty program launched by the casino. You can those to exchange them on the real money which are eligible for withdrawal. Just consider that this day when you play slot machines you get twice than any other day and you will understand why it is called Totally Tuesday.

Actually, some of the online casinos that have launched such a loyalty program with the points credited for the bets made sometimes enforce bonus days when you can get more points for the same actions or just launch special offers which allow you to get  more points for playing specified games. However, we have rarely seen the casinos that provide you with the ability get such a bonus on a weekly basis.

This is a really valuable offer for all players considering the fact that the points can improve your status in the casino and also can be used for cashback. Just do not hesitate to use this bonus day if you really like slots and count on high status in the VIP member club of the casino.

Refer & Earn

Have you ever heard about the referral programs? Well, maybe. There are many online services that offer you some perks or products in case you manage to attract new users among your friends. This is really a common practice for online services. However, not for the online casinos.

As you can see on the picture above the casino offer you as much as up to $200 on your balance in case you manage to invite someone who make a deposit in real money in the casino.

It is something more than just playing free games with free spins like in the majority of other online casinos – it is even greater the no deposit bonuses as you really get free money just for making a recommendation.

It works really simple – all you need to do is to share a link with your friends – in the messenger or on your social network page, and that’s all. Afterwards, if someone follow that and make a deposit you will get 100% from that cash-in, and sum of your bonus won’t exceed $200. No promo codes or any other things needed – only sharing a link.

The bonus can be acquired instantly and automatically and your friend will get all the benefits from the welcome packs provided by the online casino. By the way, you also should know, that you will get $25 more no matter what is the deposit sum in case your friend will make a cash-in in Bitcoins. As you can see, considering the promotions section of this online casino, these guys are making it all to make a crypto era a bit closer and motivate people to use cryptocurrency. That is a very modern approach in 2021 for the online casino.

That is all we can say for the promotions section in the online casino As you can see there are no free spins – only real money, and you also won’t be dissatisfied with the kind of rewards system enforced in the online casino as here you can find everything the real gambler would ever wanted from the online gambling facility. Rewards

This program was launched to motivate players gamble as much as possible and get outstanding rewards for their activity which makes it worthy to spend hours in this casino. All you need to do in order to succeed and get promoted in the online casino is to gamble and make bets, and you can reach even more faster if you will be a little bit smarter. However, let’s make it right and start from the beginning.

The virtual currency used by the online casino to motivate and reward players is called Reward Points. these points are credited to your account for gambling activity.

Above you can see the bet amount you need to make in the specified kind of game in order to earn Rewards Points. Note that the coefficient is 1:1 everywhere except the Speciality Games.

These are the games where you can get as much as 15 points per each dollar spent and you surely should make it all to pay attention to this program as you do not really want to miss the chance to get as much rewards points as possible and below we are going to explain why.

As you can understand rewards points are not just the useless points which you get to increase your self-esteem. Those really can be used to increase your level within the casino loyalty program which gives you perks we are going to discuss and also they can be exchanged on real money. That’s true, once you get a rewards point – a specified amount of it you can automatically withdraw some cash or credit it to your gambling balance.

Before we move to the next section you should know one lifehack for the players – in order to get more rewards points you need to pay attention to the Totally Tuesday as you can get as much as 2 rewards points per each dollar as bet.

Just consider that you get a rewards point per a full dollar which means that if your bet make 10 cents, you need to make 9 more bets and matter whether you will win or lose – you are still going to get 1 rewards point if you play regular games, or 15 rewards points if you play speciality games. And you also can get 2 rewards points if you play slot machine games on Tuesday.

Now we need to look through the levels that are granting you various bonuses. There are eight levels in the rewards system and you can get different bonuses for each of them. For example, you start gambling on the first level which is called Cherry Boom right after you have login to your account.

As you can see you need as much as 0 rewards points on your account. Once you have collected 2500 points you can get your $1 and move to another level which is called Candy Warp. However, that is not all about this system – along with the opportunity to exchange reward points on real money you also can claim as much as 5% of the funds you have lost as a cashback.

What does that mean? Let’s imaging that you have lost $1000 when you were playing in any kind of games. Along with the rewards points the quantity of which depends on the type of games you have played and the days you have gambled, you also can get back as much as $50 if you are on the first level.

As you can see the higher is your level the fewer amount of rewards points you need to get $1, and the higher is the cashback rate. The highest rate makes 15% for the last level.

After you get Diamond Flurry level which you only can get if you have collected 2 500 000 rewards points you also can exchange 1000 rewards points on 1 dollar.

Is this VIP program generous enough to consider? Well, you really can hardly find a casino with such a great amount of various valuable promotions and also an outstanding VIP program like this. Thus, it would be a good idea to consider the as an option as on this website you can get a generous welcome pack and participate in a very engaging VIP program. However, that is not all that has to be said about the casino.


The approach to holding tournaments is another good reason to check out the casino for hospitality. The thing is that the majority of the online casinos have a very primitive approach to the tournaments – there are only few of the conducted and rules for each of the tournament are very similar.

Here in the meantime there are so many tournaments held simultaneously, and each of them has unique rules which make the gambling process and the competition stage even more engaging.

There is one more thing to say – the majority of the online casinos are holding 1 tournament per day which lasts 24 hours. They are also called races sometimes, however, have you ever seen real races that take as much as a whole day?

Here as you can see on the picture above there are many tournaments held which you can join for different games, and they last from 10 minutes long.

There are different rules for each of the tournament, however, in each of them you can participate freely and all you need to is to satisfy the number of spins amount made which can make 200 or less depending on the tournament held.

That is the reason you won’t find free spins here – in order to make sure the tournament is held fair the administration has banished this kind of the award.


At last, it has to be said that the online casino is mobile optimized, so you do not need a mobile app to play in it. All you need is a mobile phone with a touch screen and a stable internet connection.

This online casino review was dedicated to the promotions and VIP program of the casino mainly for a good reason – it is really something here that has to be described in details, and this is the main factor you need to consider when making a choice whether to play in a slots;lv casino or any other one.